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Kahdeksikkojen kerho ry OH8AA is a radio amateur club of Oulu area and region.

There are almost 100 members in the club, most of them holding a radio amateur license. Annual happenings are the meeting of the club (at the beginning of the year) and the summer camp of OH8AA (at the late summer). Also other activity is organized, if necessary.

The club evenings of OH8AA are arranged every Tuesday 6 pm at the clubhouse. New members or visiting DXs are Welcome.

The QSL service of OH8-district is organized by the club. If you need to get your QSL-cards via the buro, please contact the QSL-manager of the club. Outgoing QSL cards could be send via the club room.

Postal address
(also direct QSL)
Kahdeksikkojen kerho ry
c/o Tiina Kela
Kivijärventie 406
91300 Ylikiiminki
Visiting address
(club evenings at Tuesday from 6 PM)


Red line shows route to the club house door.

OH8AA clubhouse
Hiukanpolku 11
90650 Oulu
President of the club Aku Mikkonen, OH8WR
Email: oh8aa(a)
QSL-manager Mika Siira, OH8MBN OH8NAC
(Technical subjects)

Radio amateur frequencies in Oulu

Repeater, 2m

OH8RAA 145,750 MHz (input -0,6 MHz)
No CTCSS-tone, opens with 1750 HZ signal, CW-ID
Intiö water tower KP25RA.

Repeater, 70cm

OH8RUA 434,750 MHz (input -2,0 MHz)
No CTCSS-tone, opens with 1750 HZ signal, CW-ID
Located on the chimney of power plant in Kempele KP24SV.

DMR Repeater, 2m

OH8RMD 145.6375 MHz (input -0,6 MHz) CC 1,
Digita’s tower, Kiiminki, KP25WA.

DMR Repeater, 70cm

OH8RMD 434.575 MHz (input -2,0 MHz) CC 1,
Maikkula water tower KP24SX.

Repeater, 2m

OH8RAC 145.725 MHz (input -0,6 MHz)
No CTCSS-tone, opens with 1750 HZ signal,
Säynäjävaara, Kuusamo, KP45NW.